Membership & Accreditation



UMAP offers three different different levels of membership:

  • No refunds will be given for paid memberships.
  • All correspondence regarding INDIVIDUAL and GENERAL MEMBERSHIPS should be addressed to: Sue Loncaric c/o Early Care Center, 104 S. Pineapple Ave., Sarasota 34236,

Process for UMAP Gold Seal Accreditation

1- School applies to UMAP to be a General member.The form for this can be downloaded from our website ( The form needs to be sent in with a copy of DCF license and $50.00 annual membership fee.

2- After a school is a general member, they can apply for Accreditation. Please email UMAP at and request an Application for Accreditation . School sends this Application along with $100.00 application fee to: UMAP P O Box 07506, Fort Myers, FL 33919

3- After UMAP receives your application, you will be sent (digitally) the UMAP Standards and Observation Packet.

4- The school then performs its Self Study and prepares its Accreditation Notebook. All items must be documented in this book, including photographs, forms, minutes, financial reports, etc.

5- After this process is completed, the notebook is sent to UMAP (see address above). The books should be accompanied by the Application for Validation Visit and the appropriate fee.

6- UMAP Accreditation Commissioners will examine the notebook and contact the school with any questions.

7- The school will then be contacted by a validator to schedule a date for the validation visit.

8- A validator (or validators, depending on the size of the school) will come to the school, meet with the director, get a tour of the school, and begin validating the information the school has provided. After visiting the classrooms, the validator will once again meet with the director to go over any questions. Both parties will initial and sign the appropriate forms.

9- The validator will bring the information back to the UMAP Board and make a recommendation to the Board as to a decision on accreditation. The Board will vote on this.

10- The school will then be notified of the decision of the Board: either deferred or approved for accreditation. If approved, the school will be notified and sent a UMAP Gold Seal Certificate, good for three years and an application for FL Gold Seal to the state. The school must immediately send the application to the state of the FL for a State Gold Seal certificate. A congratulatory letter will be sent to the church pastor.