UMAP offers three different different levels of membership: Individual Membership,
General Membership and
Accredited Membership.


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Individual Membership
Individual membership in UMAP is for individuals who would like the support of, and connection to, a Christian Early Childhood organization. Individual members shall receive discounts for UMAP events, newsletters and other correspondence. This membership is for anyone, anywhere, who would like to keep abreast of our activities and educational opportunities. Individual members shall receive a membership certificate and number. This level of membership qualifies for membership in a professional organization for the renewal of CDAs in Florida.
The cost of an individual membership is  $60.00 for three years.

Download "Individual Memberships App 2016 pdf.pdf"

General Membership

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General Membership
General membership is for schools that would like the professional support and fellowship of UMAP. General membership schools must be licensed by a state agency (ex. DCF) and carry liability insurance. Each school must send appropriate paperwork and send required fees to UMAP. General members shall receive benefits such as discounts, newsletters and other correspondence from UMAP. Each General Member school shall have one vote at annual conference.
The cost of General Membership is $50.00 per year.

Download "General Membership Application.pdf"

Accredited Membership

Accredited Membership
Accredited membership for a school is attained when a Christian Early Childhood program completes the accreditation process and is  evaluated and certified to have met all the required criteria and standards. A school must be a general members in order to apply for Accreditation, and must also be licensed by a state agency (ex. DCF) and carry liability insurance. In Florida, this will achieve a state issued Gold Seal designation.  Accredited schools will receive all appropriate correspondence and available benefits from UMAP. Each accredited school will have ONE vote at the annual meeting.

Fees for Accreditation: A School must first be a General Member of UMAP. See above for General Membership Application. The fee for this is $50.00 per year.
**When a school is ready to begin the accreditation process, they may contact us ( and and we will send you the application for accreditation. The fee for this application is $100.00. The school will receive an Accreditation Packet and will then begin their self study process. The fees for accreditation are as follows:
School with 1- 60 children enrolled           $325.00
School with 61-120 children enrolled        $525.00
School with 121 or more children enrolled $650.00
***For Schools seeking Re-Accreditation, UMAP Should receive their Self Study material in a binder or on a flash drive 3-6 months before their current Gold Seal certificate expires