Bright Beginnings in Fort Myers Seeking Director

Cypress Lake United Methodist Church is seeking a Director for Bright Beginnings Early School. The ideal

candidate will have administrative and early childhood experience as well as a strong Christian faith. The

Director is responsible for establishing policies to run the preschool, for appointing the appropriate staff

members to carry out the directives, and for explaining the policies to parents. The Director will oversee

teaching staff, implement appropriate curriculum, maintain student and staff files and keep DCF and

VPK licenses current. The Director must feel comfortable speaking in front of parents and children, have

a working knowledge of social media, data entry and word processing programs. Details on

requirements, qualifications, and responsibilities are below.

Requirements & Qualifications:

• A minimum of five years’ experience in the Early Childhood field as a teacher and/or


• Florida Child Care Director’s Credential preferred.

• Bachelor Degree in Early Education or similar field preferred.

• Must be a practicing Christian and member of a local church.

• Able to work with children and adults on a daily basis and develop positive relationships with all


• Must demonstrate ability to organize, coordinate and administer programs.

• Leadership experience and ability a necessity.


Responsible for the day to day administration and coordination of Bright Beginnings Early School,

including Summer Camp directors and their programs, which are all ministries of Cypress Lake United

Methodist Church. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

• Be in ministry and pray for families on a regular basis, and provide spiritual leadership for

the staff, including prayer time, devotions at staff meetings, etc.

• Represent the church and school to prospective and current parents and the general public;

promote the church to the school and the school to the church.

• Be involved with church activities, especially those involving children.

• Work closely with children’s ministry staff and other church staff to assure that the program

is in keeping with the mission of the church.

• Responsible for weekly Chapel services, either conducting them or coordinating with church

or preschool staff to do so.

• Attend weekly church staff meetings, quarterly Church Council meeting, and other church

committee meetings as needed.

• Coordinate schedules and shared space within the church.

• Submit regular articles to the church newsletter and bulletin and prepare monthly

newsletter and calendar for parents.

• Coordinate with church on building needs and repairs.

• Hire, evaluate and supervise staff, maintaining personnel files, meeting Continuing

Education requirements, training and screening requirements, implementing in-service

training, fostering a spirit of Christian community among the staff. Lead regular staff


• Responsible for overseeing the Bright Beginnings Summer Camp, working with the Summer

Camp Director (if applicable), to include planning summer schedule, building usage, bus

usage, staff hiring.

• Participate in The Early Learning Coalition Quality Rating Improvement Program (STARS) and

Lee County School District’s Preferred Pre-K Programs.

• Choose and supervise use of appropriate curriculum for each age group.

• Provide leadership and input to the school Advisory Board as it plans for the continued

success of the weekday programs, being an ex-officio member of the Board. Work with

Board to define policies of admission, attendance, tuition and educational goals.

• Work with the Church Administrator and Financial Secretary to plan for the finances of the

program; keep within the budget and plan for the financial future of the programs.

• Responsible for maintaining all licensing standards and requirements with Department of

Children and Families, County Health Department, and the Early Learning Coalition, and

keeping all related records and reports.

• Develop and maintain safety procedures, such as fire drills, lockdown drills, etc., and be

informed of liability and legal responsibilities.

• Meet and orient prospective families.

• Coordinating Parent’s Nights, parenting classes and other informational events for parents.

• Keep current list of resources for parents regarding their child’s educational needs.

• Work with staff in coordinating registration, Voluntary PreK paperwork and other


• Recruit and coordinate classroom and school volunteers.

• Maintain educational supplies and material for teacher use, ordering what is needed in


The successful candidate will be presented with a contract for the upcoming school year, which will be

eligible for renewal in the spring term of each year for the next. Base compensation is $42,000. Payroll is

distributed over 26 pay periods per year, regardless of the school year calendar. Benefits include group

life insurance, cost-sharing health after a 90-day probationary period, a matching pension program after

a 12-month probationary period, optional dental, vision, and supplemental insurance enrollment,

continuing education credits, and eight paid days off.

Interested applicants are invited to submit a resume, references, and documentation of credentials and

certifications to Cyndy Cook, Church Administrator, at