United Methodist Association of Preschools

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UMAP-FL, the United Methodist Association of Preschools, Florida Conference is an organization of Christian Early Childhood professionals. We encourage, support, and work to enable the highest levels of quality care and Christian education in United Methodist’s early childhood weekday program ministries throughout our Conference.


Our Vision & Mission

  • Our Vision is to:
  • Uplift
  • Mentor
  • Advocate/Accredit
  • Pray
  • Our Mission:
  • Equipping Early Childhood Education programs to provide quality Christian learning environments.

Showing the way in Christian early childhood education

  • To witness to children through the love of Jesus Christ.
  • To connect and support Christian Education within United Methodist Early Childhood Programs.
  • To actively plan and implement personal spiritual growth and mutual support among our members.
  • To set up and maintain high educational and ethical standards for the membership.
  • To encourage United Methodist Early Childhood Programs to become members of UMAP.
  • To create and maintain pleasant and cooperative relations among our members.
  • To promote the highest possible image to the public for our members.
  • To foster pleasant and cooperative relations with other Christian schools and educational institutions.
  • To work towards desirable legislation for protection of the children and the elevation of standards through the programs.