UMAP provides the UMAP Standards, revised in 2016, for Accreditation free online. Early Childhood Programs can review the UMAP Standards before committing to the accreditation process. Programs that wish to proceed with accreditation will complete the Application for UMAP Standards and Procedures and submit a fee of $150.00. UMAP will verify the program meets the requirements and will then send the program the entire UMAP Evaluation and Observation Packet which includes the UMAP Self Evaluation Documents and all other forms needed for Accreditation.

Download our Standards Reference Guide to see if your school may qualify for UMAP Gold Seal Accreditation. See below for more information on accreditation.

UMAP programs committing to the Accreditation process must devote at least eight months to the self-evaluation process. During this time programs will be assembling their Accreditation Documents. Following the eight month self evaluation process, UMAP programs will submit their UMAP Accreditation Documents:

  1. Sections A, B, & C (see the video below)
  2. Section D will remain at the center for the UMAP Gold Seal validator
  3. Application for Accreditation Visit and Validation Fee.

Once complete, UMAP will schedule a validator to visit the program.